News & Events

After the decimation of the programme in 2020 as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, it is pleasing to say that a near full programme of events took place during 2021. The Rod Shipley Sail for a Fiver scheme had almost the full 1,900 participants taking part through the Andrew Simpson Watersports Centre (ASWC) and Weymouth Outdoor Education Centre. The ASWC also provided enhanced experiences for 30 pupils who were awarded bursaries funded by the CST. The Rod Shipley Windsurf for a Fiver programme, run by the Official Test Centre (OTC), had 442 participants from 16 different schools. ASWC and OTC also provided 24 places for the SailFit scheme. Sailing on the Boleh occurred over 8 days, at a cost to the CST of £1,200. Unfortunately no programme was possible on the Rona project during 2021, as a result of close contact required over an extended 7 day sail. Trustees are optimistic it will be possible to have that a full programme in 2022.